Assured Environments has been using the Altigen system for about eight years. When we first met Tom, we were about to sign a contract with Shortel. We told him this when he called trying to sell us Altigen. He asked if he could come in and present to us anyway and we agreed to a quick meeting, assuming it would go nowhere, as we had already made up our minds. Tom came in and blew us away. His presentation was fantastic and the system he was selling had everything we were about to purchase and more for much less money. We were shocked to be sure as we had assumed the meeting would be a complete waste of time. Eight years later we are a completely satisfied client and have never regretted the purchase we made.  Over the years, I have recommend the Altigen system to many companies, most who have implemented it and been quite satisfied. For the few who went in another direction, they have told me over the years that it was a mistake but they hadn’t had a choice at the time. I would recommend this system to any company, anytime.

Teresa Siebold

Assured Environments

Very responsive – good customer service from techs to inside reps. Priced competitively – highly recommend them!

Court Parker

Bug Busters

“Our primary use for the texting service is is to reach out to technicians in the event they do not answer their page when we call. Another use is to update them with small changes in their schedule for that day. Technicians are just starting to use it on a limited basis for assistance. I can just text in to our main line to get a response.”

Seth Spears

American Pest

During our recent phone system migration, Affiliated demonstrated the utmost in know-how, teamwork, and professionalism. From a high level of communication to attention to detail they inspired confidence and delivered exactly as promised.

Carol Daley

Catholic Distance University

Varment Guard moved from a hybrid PBX phone system to the AltiGen VoIP system offered by Affiliated Technology Solutions in 2013. After talking with several pest control companies about what they were using for a phone system I got quotes from many providers to include Cisco, Shoretel, Mitel and AltiGen. All provided quotes, but I found that Cisco and Shoretel were far too expensive and Mitel did not provide all the features I wanted. In the end I chose AltiGen due to the features available and the added benefit of integration with my service software PestPac all at a fair price. Our installation went very smooth and was done at the expected time. I have used technical support as I make changes to my system and found them to be very responsive and accurate in their solutions. To me the critical piece in this process comes down to relationship, them understanding my needs and providing accurate solutions. I have a great relationship with my account manager Jacqueline and she understands my company and provides me accurate proactive solutions to my voice system needs. They are there when I need them and yet not in my way.

Scott Steckel

Varment Guard

The texting service that ATS provides our business is FANTASTIC!

Court Parker

Bug Busters

The ATS texting service works great, we actually use it on our website and make sales through it. We also use it to send reminder calls. And we also use it to send messages to our techs.

Darin Huffaker

Responsible Pest Control

When it comes to phone service, phone systems, and the choices out there, it is extremely difficult for a business owner to know what the right choice is for their business, or even what the choices are. ATS has been able to provide us not only with excellent service, but they have provided us with a clear plan for migrating our systems, growth, and other options. They have been extremely responsive and have saved us money and headaches all along the way. You are in good hands with ATS!

Markhoff and Mittman

The Disability Guys