ATS Texting Service

man on phone texting

New customers are texting you!

Don’t turn your back on New Business Opportunities! Affiliated Technology Solutions is a leading provider of Voice Solutions for the Pest Control Industry. Our clients have asked us to add a texting service so they can receive text messages not only from their clients but from potential New Clients! It is now apparent that more and more potential new clients are texting businesses as the first point of contact. So in addition to the traditional calling and emailing for service, texts requests are now added to the mix. New Clients are thrilled that with minimal effort on their part, they get an immediate response to their request!   Trends show that texting saves time, for both parties.





Affiliated Technology can activate your Main Number, your Toll Free Number and any of your Published numbers to receive texts from potential new clients!

Your competition may have opened their door to texting already… is yours still closed?