Telephone Disaster Recovery

Dial Tone Backup Service for Premise AltiGen System

The basics of a Telephone Disaster Recovery plan starts with the continuation of inbound business calls in the event of a failure of your dial tone service.

  • Automatically divert incoming calls from your carrier
  • Predefine a Disaster Recovery phone number
  • Dial tone backup and overflow service

Customer Independent Hosted AltiGen Backup System

This program is our most comprehensive option offered short of purchasing your own second AltiGen System. ATS sets up a dedicated hosted AltiGen telephone system in the ATS Data Center that allows for the identical configuration of all user extensions. VM boxes, routing, etc. as the main premise AltiGen System.

This option allows your company to:

  • Log up to 10 physical users at one time via an AltiGen IP phone or soft phone over the Internet or through a smartphone application (iPhone or Droid)
  • Make and receive calls with customers from up to 24 simultaneous dial tone paths
  • Have this disaster system monitored 24/7 in the ATS Data Center

Your dial tone backup plan is one phone call away. Contact us today to put our solutions to work for you!


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