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PestPac Integration

AltiGen users now have the ability to seamlessly integrate with PestPac. Using AltiGen with PestPac will increase operator productivity. Improve customer service and maximize your business’ potential! This is primarily accomplished by automatically delivering PestPac customer information to your computer screen as you answer the incoming call on your telephone handset.

The PestPac call log for the customer is automatically updated!

Telecom Expense Reduction
  • AltiGen can host offices and reduce the need for hardware
  • Maintenance costs are drastically reduced
  • Shared resources among offices eliminates local dial tone costs
  • Ported phone numbers eliminate call forwarding charges

We accomplish this while providing unlimited dial tone paths!

Multiple Office Communications

Multiple locations – seamless appearance

  • Unify locations and employees
  • Your customers and team will notice the difference
  • Simplify and consolidate multisite management
  • Have multisite distributed call centers and work groups
  • Communicate as if everyone was in the same location
  • Better utilize employees across locations

When you unify locations and employees with an AltiGen phone system, your customers and team will notice the difference. For your employees, it means that they could be part of a single service group that includes people from different cities.

Your company can also implement a company-wide extension plan that works regardless of the location of the employee.

  • Help your customers reach the right person for the first time
  • Unified dialing plan across all locations
  • Shared operators/receptionist across multiple locations
  • Shared holiday/business hour schedules


Delivery Options

Purchase Options

  • AltiGen premise installation
  • AltiGen Cloud based installation

Hosted Options

  • AltiGen hosted extension
  • AltiGen hosted system

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