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PestPac Integration

AltiGen users now have the ability to seamlessly integrate with PestPac. Using AltiGen with PestPac will increase operator productivity. Improve customer service and maximize your business’ potential! This is primarily accomplished by automatically delivering PestPac customer information to your computer screen as you answer the incoming call on your telephone handset.

The PestPac call log for the customer is automatically updated!


Reduce Telecom Expenses

AltiGen can host offices and reduce the need for hardware. Maintenance costs are drastically reduced and shared resources among offices eliminates local dial tone costs. Ported phone numbers eliminate call forwarding charges.

We accomplish this while providing unlimited dial tone paths!



Multiple Office Communications

Multiple Locations – Seamless Appearance

  • Unify locations and employees
  • Your customers and team will notice the difference
  • Simplify and consolidate multisite management
  • Have multisite distributed call centers and work groups
  • Communicate as if everyone was in the same location
  • Better utilize employees across locations

When you unify locations and employees with an AltiGen phone system, your customers and team will notice the difference. For your employees, it means that they could be part of a single service group that includes people from different cities.

Company-Wide Extension Plan

Your company can also implement a company-wide extension plan that works regardless of the location of the employee.

  • Help your customers reach the right person for the first time
  • Unified dialing plan across all locations
  • Shared operators/receptionist across multiple locations
  • Shared holiday/business hour schedules

Delivery Options

Delivery Options For Your New Voice Solution




AltiGen Premise Installation

Virtual Server or SoftSwitch 

 ATS can install the AltiGen PBX Application on an intel-based dedicated server or a virtual server running VMware or Hyper-V. This SoftSwitch design requires no additional PBX hardware. An ideal deployment calls for native SIP trunk dial tone. However, we easily support a SIP gateway if native SIP is not an option.

ATS can provide SIP trunk dial tone over Broadband Internet or provide an optional T1 circuit to guarantee voice quality.

Traditional Design MAX Platform 

 ATS can also deliver the AltiGen MAX series server with built-in dial tone gateways in order to connect to more traditional dial tone sources, such as PRI and analog lines.

AltiGen Cloud Installation

With our own data center located at our corporate office and the ability to port phone numbers from across the country, ATS can affordably deliver the AltiGen Cloud based solution for your company.

In addition, we can deliver redundant designs, distributed designs and a robust voice disaster recovery plan.

Colocation of Your System 

 ATS can provide your AltiGen solution as an all software model running on a physical or virtual server. We can also supply and host a MAX series platform.



AltiGen Hosted Extension


 Our hosted extension service is the simplest, most cost effective option available to bring high end PBX functionality to small businesses at a fraction of the cost.

Program Features Include: 

 PestPac Integration

AltiGen sends caller ID information to launch your PestPac software and bring your client’s information to your screen.

Phone System Features

Unlimited minutes – nationally
Unlimited inbound calls
Free support
Music on hold
Extension status lights
Blind transfer
Supervised transfer
Transfer direct to voicemail
Call park
Call forward
Multiple call handling

Optional Features

Automated attendant menus
Call conferencing for up to 6 callers
Programmable connect to cell phones
Automatic call back from voicemail
Call recording
Unified messaging – voicemails to emails

AltiGen Hosted System


 Our hosted system will give you total access to a dedicated AltiGen phone system residing in the Cloud. Our plan provides powerful system tools that are unmatched in any other hosted environment!

Program Features Include: 

Includes ALL the features in the Cloud Extension Plan PLUS


Carry your extension with you on your smartphone. Max Mobile extends a complete set of business phone features to smartphones.

Soft Phones

IP-Talk is an application that allows you to use USB headsets with AltiGen software to make calls right from your computer.

Computer Telephony Integration

Using Max Communicator, employees can easily manage their calls right from their desktop PC.

Click to dial
Presence management
Personal call queues
Call forwarding
Transfer and conference
One number access
and more…

Dedicated, Single Company, System Access

Create unique hold messaging
Dial by name directory
Conference calling bridge


New customers are texting you!

Affiliated Technology Solutions is a leading provider of Voice Solutions for the Pest Control Industry. Our clients have asked us to add a texting service so they can receive text messages not only from their clients but from potential New Clients! It is now apparent that more and more potential new clients are texting businesses as the first point of contact. So in addition to the traditional calling and emailing for service, texts requests are now added to the mix. New Clients are thrilled that with minimal effort on their part, they get an immediate response to their request! Trends show that texting saves time, for both parties.

Affiliated Technology can activate your Main number, your Toll Free Number and any of your Published numbers.

This is the best new way to connect with customers. It is now being used by many different companies to connect with their customers & it has been proven to be very successful.

Customers will want to communicate with you the easiest way they can. They already have the phone, and now in seconds they can send and receive messages.


Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 8.49.49 PM





Your competition may have opened their door to texting already… is yours still closed?

CALL OR TEXT US AT 866-692-5844 with your company name for more information.

What do these companies have in common?


They all have the AltiGen Solution!


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