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AI Enhancement Survey

We are adding a new suite of AI infused products to our
Development Roadmap and we want your input! 

AI Summarized Note

  • Our plan is to enhance the current CRM note by using AI to transcribe the call, redact any personal information, and add a call summary to the note.

  • CSRs will no longer need to spend time adding their own post-call summaries, thus allowing them to handle more calls.

  • Our AI Note will work with your current CRM integration features
    (software dependent)

  • Competing Phone System providers with AI summarized notes cannot push the note into the CRM. They will need to invest in expensive development to do so, which could mean significant delays in implementation. With our existing partnerships, we can do this!

  • We are training our AI from within the Pest and Lawn Care industries, so it will be familiar with the nuances of your industry.  Other Phone System providers are forced to use general AI libraries that cover many industries.

  • This new capability will be available through our current platforms, so there is no need for you to go through the hassle of switching systems!

Contact Center enhancements with AI

  • Our Omni-Channel and Voice-Only Contact Center Solutions already significantly enhance Agent and Supervisor abilities

  • Agent Assist – AI-powered assistance that listens, guides and assists agents during customer interactions

  • Predictable NPS and CSAT scoring using AI

  • Dashboard of open leads with Call Summaries, Objections and CSR Call Performance to help close opportunity

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