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Branded Caller ID

Is your business phone number appearing as Spam
when you call customers or prospects?
In today's environment home service companies depend on their brand for communications. Recent changes in government regulations, the advent of SPAM labeling apps, and enhancements from Apple and Google around SPAM blocking have made it very easy for company's main numbers to be mislabeled.
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We work with our trusted partner to help ensure your calls are not "mislabeled" Our customers can have their phone numbers registered with all Major Carriers. Not only does this mitigate the risk of being "mislabeled", but enhances the Caller ID presented.
Branded Caller ID Intent
Adds a second line to the Caller ID displayed showing why you are calling

  • Technician call
  • Customer Service
  • Pest Treatment
  • Billing Issue
  • Appointment Confirmation
Enhanced Branded Caller ID 
Your logo can be added to the Caller ID on certain phones
  • Higher answer rates on your calls
  • Better customer service
  • Increased opportunities to sales
Horizon Haven Landscaping, a commercial turf company, noticed their service renewals dropped. After troubleshooting they noticed their main number was showing as SPAM on customer phones. The result was a drop in year-over-year revenue by 20%. Horizon spent countless hours and months filling out government forms to try and resolve the issue. After continued frustration and no progress, Horizon reached out to Voice for Turf. Within 30 days not only was the labeling issue resolved, but Horizon migrated to a better phone service that integrated into their RealGreen software, including Click to Call, Screen Pops on incoming calls, and Auto Noting of all calls directly in their software.
Branded Caller ID is offered exclusively to Affiliated Technology Solutions' customers.
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