Meet Our Team

Here are the people behind the ATS success

President and Managers


Thomas Welsh


Dave Pereira 10-2017.JPG

Dave Pereira

Technical Manager

Anthony Andriolo 10-2017.JPG

Anthony Andriolo

Operations Manager

George Brice 10-2017.JPG

George Brice

Implementation Manager

Scott Sandler 10-2017.JPG

Scott Sandler

Telephony Support Manager

Terese Violette 10-2017.JPG

Terese Violette

Customer Service Manager

Elise Cia 10-2017.JPG

Elise Cia

Accounting Manager

Eric Zimmer.jpg

Eric Zimmer

Business Development Manager

Doug Huggins 10-2017.jpg

Doug Huggins

West Coast Sales Manager

Mike Antonelli 10-2017.JPG

Mike Antonelli

Telephony Installation Manager

Customer Service & Administrative Support Staff

Marilyn Herman 10-2017.JPG

Marilyn Herman

Customer Service Representative 

Chrissy Grippo 10-2017.JPG

Chrissy Grippo

Accounting Representative

Trenace Lee 10-2017.JPG

Trenace Lee

Circuit Support Representative

Stacy Reen 10-2017.JPG

Stacy Reen

Customer Service Representative

Sales Support & Marketing Staff

Ive Lepore 10-2017.JPG

Ive Lepore

Customer Success Manager

Karissa Gregor 10-2017.JPG

Karissa Gregor

Marketing Associate

Jackie Dugas 10-2017.jpg

Jackie Du'Gas

Business Development Specialist

Dylan Flemm 10-2017.JPG

Dylan Flemm

Customer Success Manager

Technical Support Staff

Jamie Boekholt 10-2017.JPG

Jamie Boekholt

Network Support

Senior Engineer

Keith Gibian 10-2017.JPG

Keith Gibian

Telephony Support

Senior Engineer

Anthony Longordo 10-2017.JPG

Anthony Longordo

Telephony Support Specialist 

Chuck Lengyel 10-2017.JPG

Chuck Lengyel

Network Support Engineer

Jim Baumgart 10-2017.JPG

Jim Baumgart

Network Support Specialist

Rebecca Owens 10-2017.jpg

Rebecca Owens

Network Support Specialist

Fred  Brown 10-2017.jpg

Fred Brown

Network & Telephony Support Specialist

Darren Stout 2-2018.JPG

Darren Stout

Telephony Support Specialist

Jeremy Garcia 10-2017.JPG

Jeremy Garcia

Telephony Support Technician

Nick Marrone 8-3-2018.jpg

Nick Marrone

Telephony Support Technician

Jim Cruz 10-2017.JPG

Jim Cruz

Telephony Support Specialist

Joe Borges 10-2017.JPG

Joe Borges

Telephony Support Specialist

Ken Toombs 2-2018.JPG

Ken Toombs

Telephony Support Technician

Matt Garcia 8-3-2018.jpg

Matthew Garcia

Telephony Support Technician