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Affiliated Technology Solutions has a Technical Support Call Center to assist our customers with any AltiGen related issues. We offer support as part of our customer care contract or on an as-needed basis as per our free schedule.

Software Assurance
Startup Development Team
  • The key advantage of AltiGen is in AltiGen’s powerful IP software engine

  • AltiGen is the leading provider of a software-only telephony platform

  • AltiGen’s software based system is required to take full advantage of those technologies – all while delivering new, advanced features and without the need for expensive hardware updates

  • With AltiGen’s software based system, new updates and improvements are constantly available

  • Because of its software, AltiGen will remain current and carry every new feature as any system sold today and in the future

  • Software Assurance makes your AltiGen investment future proof

  • Your AltiGen phone system will become brand new with each software update

  • Software Assurance is critical and a requirement to maintain the performance you expect

Remote Support

Affiliated Technology Solutions has a Technical Support Call Center to assist our Customers with any AltiGen related issues. We offer support as part of our customer care contract or on a as-needed basis as per our fee schedule. We have the largest team of in-house support staff in the country. Our support hours are from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern Time.

Customer Support Program:

  • Unlimited remote support per quarter

  • Priority support over non-contracted customers

  • Included support for AltiGen’s Software Assurance Program

  • Scheduled quarterly remote connection to your AltiGen system to perform a preventative check

Telephone Disaster Recovery

Dial Tone Backup Service

Dial tone backup for premise AltiGen system: The basics of a telephone disaster recovery plan starts with the continuation of inbound business calls in the event of a failure of your dial tone service.

  • Automatically divert incoming calls from your carrier

  • Pre-define a disaster recovery phone number

  • Dial tone backup and overflow service

Customer Independent Hosted AltiGen Backup System

This program is our most comprehensive option offered short of purchasing your own 2nd AltiGen system. ATS sets up a dedicated hosted AltiGen telephone system in the ATS data center that allows for the identical configuration of all user extensions, VM boxes, routing, etc. as the main premise AltiGen system.

This option allows your company the ability to:

  • Log up to 10 physical users at one time via an AltiGen IP phone or soft phone over the Internet or through a smartphone application (iPhone    or Droid)

  • Make and receive calls with customers from up to 24 simultaneous dial tone paths

  • Have this disaster system monitored 24/7 in the ATS data center

Server Installation

AltiGen licenses can be installed on or migrated to a virtual server on your premise or in the ATS data center.

VM Ware.jpg
Hyper V.jpg
Cloud Delivery
Data Cloud
  • Hosted Phone and Service

  • Private Image and Service

  • Colocation – ATS Data Center

​Affiliated Technology Solutions has full service data hosting centers in Edison, New Jersey and Los Angeles, California. We offer a secure and dependable environment for our hosted platform and for private AltiGen phone systems and images to reside in. Our data center provides redundancy, security, and performance. We have 100 percent availability for power, bandwidth, and network components with exceptional support. Affiliated Technology Solutions can also provide a TI MPLS circuit at your location, which will connect to our MPLS private network at our data center.

Private Cloud Image and Service

Computer Integration 

iPhone in Hand

Max Mobile for

Smart Phones

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Soft Phones

A dedicated, single company system includes all the features in the Cloud Extension Plan


  • Powerful system tools that are unmatched in any other hosted environment

  • Your own dedicated solution that is not part of one big box with other companies

  • Create unique hold messaging

  • Dial by name directory

  • Conference calling bridge

Co Location Service

Move your AltiGen system or just your AltiGen licenses to the ATS Data Center.

ATS offers all the operations facilities and technical expertise needed to manage and maintain your investment without the risks and headaches of an on-premise system.

VVX 301
VVX 401
VVX 501
VVX 601
Customized Integration
Cust Int.jpg

The AltiGen solution sits on the Microsoft platform. It is very easy to integrate AltiGen with client software programs.

Partner Program

We have developed a lucrative partnership with a software developer who created an integration between our voice platform and their software. This simple integration has added a new product line to their offerings. As we deliver our solution to their customer base, they are bringing in additional revenue from existing clients through thee integration add on. It has worked out great for both companies!

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