Network Security

Your Network is the Backbone of your Business

Network Security.jpg

Your network is the foundation of your entire business and dictates the performance of all the core technology you use to run your business. When you work with sensitive data you need to be sure your network is always in top shape. But outdated or inefficient network infrastructure can create a drag on productivity that stifles business growth.

Affiliated Technology Solutions builds a flexible, future-focused foundation for your company with:

  • Full system and network analysis: creating a road map to enhanced productivity  

  • Critical monitoring: we watch our systems 24/7 to ensure they are operational

  • Mobile connectivity: access anything from anywhere

  • Wireless LAN: agile connectivity that includes network and data security

  • Wide area networks (WAN): connecting remote users and branch offices

  • Virtual Private Networks: providing network access to outside users

Whether you want to update your current infrastructure or undertake a new project, we deliver the innovative infrastructure solutions that will give your company sustained business advantage.