Texting Service
Send & Receive Text Messages through your existing Business Number

58% of consumers indicated they would view a business more positively if they offered SMS capabilities.


The average response rate from texting is 25% more than email & phone

One Reach

150 text messages everyday are sent from wireless subscribers to landline numbers

EZ Texting

What makes us different?
ATS can enable your existing business numbers to send & receive text messages. In addition to calling and emailing, texting is now added to the business communication mix.
"Only 48% of businesses are currently equipped to handle any form of messaging." (Twilio)
What do Businesses use Texting for?
  • Appointment Requests & Confirmations
  • Communications with Workers in the Field
  • Interoffice Communications (Holidays, Closures, etc.)
  • Marketing to New and Current Clients
  • After Hours
  • Surveys for Feedback
  • Announcements/ Broadcast Events
  • Alternative to Voicemail
Woman on her Tablet
How does it work?
1. Your customers & prospects will text your business number
2. The text messages pops up on your computer screen and/or mobile app
3. You can send a text back within seconds

"We mostly use it to send outbound alerts to key vendors and employees on office closings and other urgent matters. It works well for this purpose and supplements our communication channels."

- John Warn @ Rue Insurance

"Having customer’s be able to Call / Text our main number has been a major improvement on how we communicate with our customers and helps us stand out from the competition. Texting allows us to set up and confirm appointments along with collection outstanding debt. Thank you Affiliated Technology Solutions for keeping us ahead of our competition."

- Michael Cadenhead @ Cadenhead Services