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Cellular Extend

Smart Phone Management Made Simple
Manage your personal and business calls on one device
Keep your existing wireless carrier and plan
Extend your office phone to your smartphone!
Cellular Extend
Easily enable/disable an
e-sim on an existing smartphone
Avoid common mobile
app challenges
Managers and Owners
How often are you immediately needed to help your team?
No need to give out your personal phone number

Be accessible wherever you are with only the business information being displayed
call center agent_edited.png
Call Center Agents
How much business is lost due to power or internet outages?
Inbound calls are the lifeblood of your business

These calls will not be missed with your cellular extension

Other Phone System Enhancements

Field Technicians
Do you wonder if your technicians made the call and what was said?
It is important to make sure your company message is being properly conveyed.

All calls will be logged and recorded in your phone system just like every
other extension.
Mobile Team Members
Is your sales team on the go and their availability to receive sales calls becomes inconsistent?
Missed calls lead to lost business

These issues are resolved without giving out personal information. This solution ensures that all inbound and outbound sales activity is accounted for.

Other Phone System Enhancements

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CTA Bar for All Pages- phone and headset
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