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ATS Mobile App Guide


Log into the ATS Mobile app using your iPhone or Android device, and it functions as your ATS phone. This app has all the features of your regular desk phone or web phone.
App Name:
iPhone: ATS Mobile Softphone
Android: ATS Mobile
  • Make internal office calls as if you were at your desk
  • Transfer calls - internal and external
  • Internal and external (SMS) texting
  • View the company directory
  • Access to your voicemails
For training, please refer to our online training library, you can also request a live training session

About This Guide

This user guide gives guidance on how to operate the ATS Mobile app. This guide assumes the following:
  • You have an operational Android or iOS based mobile device and have downloaded the ATS Mobile Softphone app from your app store or ATS Mobile app from the Android store.
  • You have been given access to the ATS Mobile app in the Affiliated Phone System
  • You have a username and password
If this is not the case, please contact Affiliated's Support for assistance:
Phone: 877-447-1555
NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all screenshots are from an android-based device.

Launching the ATS Mobile app

After downloading and installing ATS Mobile from your app store, you will be able to launch the app and sign in using your username. Whenever the app is launched, the keypad screen is always displayed as shown below.

A Quick Tour

ATS Mobile Navigation Bar

As shown below, the Navigation Bar has icons which you can tap to access the different areas of the app which are summarized below:
  • Quick Dial: Indicated by the STAR icon, the fully customizable speed dial list
  • Messages: Indicated by the CHAT BUBBLE icon, this is where all text messages and internal conversations are conducted
  • Key Pad: Indicated by the CLOUD icon, ATS Mobile's keypad interface is simple and intuitive. Just tap in the digits you need to dial internal extensions or external numbers
  • Contacts: Indicated by the PERSON icon, this displays your smartphone's contact list as well as a full listing of your internal company directory
  • History: Indicated by the CLOCK icon, this area displays any calls placed, received, or missed
  • ATS Menu: Indicated by the THREE LINES icon, this area gives you access to other great ATS features
Above the Navigation Bar (top right) is the OPTIONS button, indicated by the THREE dots icon (Android) or GEAR icon (iPhone), where you can change the app settings.

Quick Dial

Your favorite contacts can be added from your internal company directory, your cell phone contact list, or entered manually. You can see if your colleagues are talking on the phone or if they're even online at all. You can search, sort, and filter this list. Tap the OPTIONS button to display contacts as a grid (shown below) or is in list format.


The chat area is where all text messages and internal conversations are conducted. Conversations started here carry over onto our web-based systems.

Key Pad

This area is where you make all of your internal and external calls.

If you have new voicemails waiting, a voicemail button will appear on this screen. Tapping the button will call the voicemail audio system. After the other party picks up the call, this screen will change to the ON-CALL screen. See below to explore options when you are on a call.

On a Call

The ON CALL screen offers similar options to our desk phones. It also includes a network statistics page for any troubleshooting needs.
Callers will hear hold music when you put the call on hold by tapping the HOLD button (above).

NOTE: Cold transfers are also called Blind or Unattended transfers. Warm transfers are also called Attended transfers.


This area includes access to your smartphone's contact list, as well as a complete listing of your internal company directory. It is easy to switch between the two directories (see below). Tap the magnifying glass icon (upper right) to search your contacts.

Call History

The call history section shows any business calls placed, received, or missed. Tap the magnifying glass icon (upper right) to search your call history. In order to save space, multiple calls to/from the same user are added into one line and can be viewed individually by tapping on the information icon (i) to the right.

VIP Menu

Tapping here will give you access to other great ATS features that you see here.

Visual Voicemail

This area enables you to listen to and manage your voicemails visually. This screen does not call the audio voicemail system. You will be able to read your voicemails if the transcription function enabled. 
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