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AI Features


AI isn't just a tool,

it's a game changer

Transform your business with next-gen AI technology

Our revolutionary AI suite of products can elevate your customer conversations, improve employee productivity, and increase sales.

In an industry where every call counts, we are proud to add groundbreaking AI technology that will elevate your customer experience and your ability to manage calls.

AI Summarized Note

Enhance the current CRM note by using AI to transcribe the call and redact any personal information.

workforce real time ad_edited.png

Improve CSR Productivity by 30-60 minutes a day

Guarantee every customer call will be noted in the CRM

Gain access to your customer's call transcriptions for further analysis and business improvement

Save money and time with our exisitng partnerships

Time & Date of Call:

Call Recording Link:

4/10/2024 at 02:04pm




Angela Jones called to Inquire about bed bug treatment for a new home they recently moved into.


Angela was provided with a quote for treatment but needed to discuss the cost with their roommate before proceeding.




AI Summary:

Xrai Platform

Xrai ss 1.png

Uncover the hidden value of every call

Dive deep into the data that drives your business forward

Automatically categorize calls, providing actionable information with detailed reports for leads and customer interactions

Current Customer Platform

Discover at risk customers

Take a look into cancellations

Flag disagreeable sentiment

for review

From sentiment analysis to objection handling, get the insights needed to refine your approach and increase sales.

Never miss a lead again! Our AI flags leads that are not put into your CRM.

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